Are you a support professional? Recruitment? HR and Talent Management? Or even training?
Discover why profil’INC meets your needs:



Coaching professionals

With profil’INC, reveal talents, reinforce skills, remobilize energies and motivations, and (re)give meaning to your professional career:

  • Coaching
  • Skills assessment
  • Outplacement and external mobility
  • Professional retraining
  • Prevention of burnout and PsychoSocial Risks


Recruitment professionals

Recruitment firms or corporate recruiters, avoid “cloning” and highlight the uniqueness of candidates.

In an inclusive approach, identify candidates whose behavioral dynamics (adaptation, resilience, motivation, assertiveness, etc.) are the most compatible with the job profile and the company’s culture.


HR and Talent Management Professionals

Boost actions and programs to support talent:

  • Identify the real desires of employees and support the development of soft skills that are crucial for their success and the future of the company,
  • Establish well-founded and effective succession plans,
  • Reveal and strengthen the diversity of talent, in particular by combating the glass ceiling/wall mechanisms and any self-censorship phenomenon,
  • Gain time and efficiency to build suitable development plans and ad hoc systems useful for their deployment (training, coaching, mentoring…), in order to contribute to the blossoming and commitment of talents.


Training professionals

Customize the training program according to the individual’s profile and the company’s objectives:

  • Develop an authentic leadership, specific to each manager, based on his or her sustainable motivations, and consistent with the company’s values,
  • Give each person the means to (re)take control of his or her career path, understand and overcome self-censorship mechanisms,
  • Improve the Quality of Life at Work:
    • Restore meaning and strengthen commitment by relying on sustainable and energizing motivations
    • Detect and prevent the risk of burnout / brownout and, more broadly, PsychoSocial Risks.