For more than 12 years, profil’INC has been used by hundreds of practitioners: professionals in talent management, recruitment, coaching, facilitation and soft skills training. It is the result of over 30 years of interdisciplinary research and field expertise.

Profil’INC in figures

The third version of a questionnaire launched in 2009 under the name VIP2A pro, our digital solution integrates the innovations of the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach (NBA).

The NBA is the result of an interdisciplinary Research and Development program, ranging from neuroscience to social science, including Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (CBT). This program has represented nearly 20,000 men a day for over 30 years.


Dimensions analyzed

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Dynamic vision of soft skills

Profil’INC gives a dynamic vision of the way a person functions: motivations, irritants, self-confidence, capacity for adaptation and resilience, risks of burnout / brownout.

It evaluates the dynamics of motivation, attitudes and behaviors that drive and motivate the person. It differentiates :


What the person does spontaneously and which revitalizes them.


What the person does with the sole purpose of obtaining a result or avoiding a failure, and which may ultimately demotivate or even exhaust them.

Profil’INC identifies irritants, that is to say attitudes and behaviors that a person finds unbearable and avoids.

It also allows for a diagnosis of self-confidence and the postures that the person spontaneously adopts within a team or a group (relatives, clients, strangers, etc.): what is his / her level of self-confidence and assertiveness? Does he / she easily trust?

Finally, profil’INC highlights the person’s cognitive preferences, and therefore his / her  way of processing information: to what extent does he / her prefer to rely on what he / she knows and masters? What is his / her ability to calmly manage complexity and uncertainty? Is he / she easily stressed?  What is his / her potential for creativity? or ability to think “out of the box”?

Thus, profil’INC is today one of the only questionnaires covering all of these dimensions, at the heart of an individual’s behavioral dynamics.

Scientific foundations of profil’INC: the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach (NBA)

The profil’INC questionnaire is a digital behavioral dynamics inventory solution based on the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach.

Developed by Dr. Jacques Fradin and his teams of researchers, it has been proven in the field of business and clinical practice since 1987.

This interdisciplinary approach lies at the crossroads of a dozen scientific and clinical disciplines, including neuroscience, cognitive and behavioral science, clinical and social psychology, and Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (CBT). See diagram.

NBA understands the dynamics of a person by precisely identifying the drivers and inhibitors of his or her cognitive, emotional and behavioral potential, underpinned by the various neurocognitive mechanisms of the brain’s “governance” systems:


which underlies the capacity to adapt to complexity, change and uncertainty, but also the capacity for creativity and resilience in stressful situations.


which is expressed in particular by: intrinsic motivations (energizing), extrinsic motivations (energy-consuming) linked to the pleasure of the result, behaviors of avoidance of unpleasant or irritating situations, emotional overinvestment which is at the origin of obsessive motivations, both excessive and anxiety-provoking, and which constitutes a risk of professional exhaustion and chronic demotivation (burnout / brownout / boreout).


which underlies the instinctive social behaviors of self-confidence and assertiveness.


which underlies stressful behaviors: flight stress (agitation, anxiety, anguish, fear), fight stress (annoyance, irritation, anger, defensive aggressiveness), inhibition stress (discouragement, dejection, non-desire).

Understanding the human being with the NBA reading grid makes it possible to take into account the subtlety and uniqueness of the person, as well as to identify the part of his or her fully expressed potential and the part of his or her latent potential, which can be developed thanks to the methods and tools of the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach.

Predictive reliability

Since 2009, the operational reliability of profil’INC has been proven in various contexts and sectors. For example:

In the context of recruitment and mobility for Big Data professions, the predictive reliability of profil’INC has reached 90%: after the candidates have taken up their duties, the level of adequacy between their behavioral profile and that of the position has proven to be correct in 90% of cases.

Profil’INC has been used in the selection of high-level athletes to identify future talent for a national team. In a double-blind test, it provided an 82.5% reliable prediction of leadership and 10 other key personal qualities (soft skills) of the candidates.